Many customers do not know what problems to pay attention to when choosing the connector connection line. After sorting out the following seven attention problems, I hope to help you.

1, choose the connector from the actual point of view, according to the use of choice. Audio and TV are definitely different.

2, when choosing the connector, pay attention to the size of the shape size, installation size and opening size.

3, when choosing connectors, we should pay attention to the number of plugs and the number of needs to be consistent.

4. When the damaged connector is found in the maintenance, it should be repaired first and then replaced. When replacing, the product model and specification should be unified.

5, when choosing the connector, pay attention to the rated voltage and rated current of the connector to meet the requirements of the working circuit, and to leave a margin.

6, when using the connector, pay attention to not insert or dislocation, when the plug is not smooth, can not forcibly plug, to prevent damage.

7, in the use of integrated circuit socket, must be in the direction of the premise, and then insert integrated circuit, otherwise it will cause damage to the integrated circuit.