Bv wire is also called plastic copper wire, the full name is copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated wire, where B represents the wire type, and V represents the insulating material (PVC), that is, the wire covered with polyvinyl chloride. There are 8 colors of BV wires, among which red, yellow and green are commonly used in live wires. Blue is used in the neutral wire, and the double-colored wire is used in the ground wire. It is mainly used in electrical appliances or instruments with an AC voltage of 450-750 volts.

What are the classifications of wires?

1.Bare copper wire

Bare copper wire refers to the cable without insulation layer, including three series of single wire, bare stranded wire and shaped wire. Among them, the single wire is mainly used in various cables, and a small amount is used in communication and household appliances. Bare stranded wires are mainly used in the connection of electrical equipment or electronic components.

2.Power cable

Power cables are mainly used in power supply systems to transmit and distribute electromagnetic energy, and can withstand rated voltages of 1-330 kV. Wires and cables are divided into cables, high-voltage wires, etc.

3.Empty frame insulated wire

Aerial wires are common, without a sheath, and the conductors are either aluminum, copper, or aluminum alloy. There are not only single cores, but also two bundles.

4.Frequency conversion cable

Frequency conversion cables are similar to wires and cables, that is, wires without copper or aluminum cores, with small cross-sections and many types, and are mainly

used in places where the rated current is below 450-750, such as distribution plants, petroleum and power plants.

5.Special cables

Special cables are cables with unique functions, including insulation, flame retardant, explosion-proof and fly-proof functions. It is mainly used in some special places, such as flame-retardant wires, which are mainly used in environments with a lot of flammable materials. For example, explosion-proof wires are mainly used in some chemical agents or laboratories.