SATA connectors are widely used in solid-state hard disks, mobile hard disks, computer motherboards, adapter cards, SATA patch cords, LCD monitors, telecommunications cards, memories, card readers, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA's, LCD TVs, switches, car burglar alarms, videophones, cordless phones, set-top boxes, hard disk video recorders and various communication equipment products.

SATA connector can bring many benefits in power consumption, easy installation, hot-plug support, internal heat dissipation and drive configuration. With the transition of storage industry from parallel interface to serial interface technology, the I/O interfaces of the latest desktop PC, mobile PC, storage devices and some server applications have all started to change to serial technology. According to market analysts, the total sales volume of serial ATA/SATA connectors including connectors, sockets and cables is expected to reach 903 million this year, compared with 141 million in 2003. As far as serial interface technology is concerned, it has the advantages of reducing cables, improving data throughput, and improving crosstalk and impedance matching problems. In addition, people's enthusiasm for serial interface can be partly attributed to the strong promotion of leading chip and connector manufacturers. Intel recently introduced 925X Express and 915G Express chipsets with integrated SATA controllers, which support four SATA ports.