Waterproof connectors are well-known excellent products and are used in many fields. Because their mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental performance indicators have been adapted to the rapid development of the market, waterproof connectors stand out among similar connector products. The following describes the advantages of waterproof connector performance indicators.

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The first is heat resistance. Waterproof connectors have good adaptability at both high and low temperatures. The highest temperature can reach 200°C (except for a few high-temperature dedicated waterproof connectors) and the lowest temperature can be as low as -65°C.

The second is that the waterproof connector can effectively adapt to the salt spray environment. The contact surface of general structural metal may be chemically corroded. Although we cannot avoid the salty and wet working environment. We can improve the performance of the waterproof connector to prevent the equipment from being corroded.

Third, the vibration resistance and impact resistance of the waterproof connector are important parameters of the waterproof connector. These two parameters are particularly important in special environments such as aviation, aerospace, railway, and road transportation.

The fourth is the humidity of the environment. The standard requirements for the waterproof connector of the power supply must be strict, because the humidity of a certain environment may affect the waterproof connector, so the temperature resistance value of the waterproof connector must be checked.

Finally, electrical performance is the basic performance of waterproof connectors. Generally speaking, they include contact resistance, insulation resistance, and dielectric strength. The mechanical performance of the waterproof connector, including the service life of the waterproof connector, is a crucial indicator. Waterproof connectors with good performance and long life are more popular in the market.