Connectors may be unfamiliar to consumers, but they are a common product for electronics engineers. Connector is an indispensable component in most electronic products, it is responsible for the transmission of current voltage or optical signal, its application is very broad, in aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical and other industries are used. As China has developed into a global connector market, in recent years, driving the growth of several industries are 5G communication, electric vehicles and industry 4.0, which is a rare market opportunity for connector enterprises.

High frequency and high speed connector technology

In TERMS of 5G communication, connectors carry the important task of transforming optical and electrical signals. With the advent of 5G interconnection era, the high data and high transmission requirements of 5G are destined to require the performance upgrade of connectors, and the characteristics of high frequency and high speed have become new requirements.

Two, wireless transmission connector technology

In the era of Internet of Things, wireless technology will also be everywhere. Connectors will not only realize contact connection as before, but also ensure wireless transmission connection in many occasions such as industry and automobile in the future. After all, double protection is safe.

Three, smaller and more convenient connector technology

In the 5G era, there may be dozens of connectors in a fiber optic device, which requires smaller connectors for higher performance connections.

Four. Connector technology with higher accuracy and lower cost

Automotive connectors are a very large market because of the high safety requirements of cars. With the development of electric vehicles, connectors will require higher accuracy and cost, and they will be more popular than previous connectors.

Five, more intelligent connector technology

With the arrival of the AI era, the connector may not only achieve simple transmission function, in the future in the switching power supply, in addition to ensure the data of electrical signals, the connector or simple intelligent judgment and protection, output correct data while avoiding power damage.

Six, connector automation production technology

With the development of industrial automation, especially the precision machining of connectors, abrasives and CAD, these advanced machines will become the main force of the industry.