SAS' backplane connectors support both storage drives, SAS and SATA connectors, enabling users to customize the system according to their requirements.

SATA connectors can be directly pressed on the circuit board without soldering, and the diameter of the hole occupied by the pressing part is only 0.6mm, which can save space for circuit wiring. The connectors can also be stacked end-to-end. Priced at 0.13 USD per contact pair in minimum order quantities, samples are currently available with lead times of up to 8-10 weeks. Expanded the SATA connector product line and launched a series of latching SATA connecting cables and connectors. The new latching design targets SATA connector connections in PC storage applications. 

The product is an extension of the existing line of SATA connectors and cables, which are also used in the server and network storage markets. Molex is working closely with the Serial ATA committee to bring latched SATA connectivity cables and connectors into the standard. Latching SATA connecting cables and connectors support SATA interfaces for all sizes of hard drives, including ATAPI devices such as CD and DVD drives, tape devices, and high-capacity removable devices. Signal cables are in straight or right-angle form, and PC board signal plugs are in vertical or right-angle SMT form.