The sealing of the connector must be firm and reliable to prevent the electronic device from moisture, media or corrosion. Automotive suppliers often use silver plated r connector pins because silver is less expensive than gold and more reliable than copper. A passivation layer is attached to the outside of the silver to prevent dark rust and wear. Such coatings are usually based on mercaptans. Thiols have hitherto been seen as difficult to bond materials.

However, the DELO DUALBOND GE4918 is optimized to reliably seal this type of pin. It not only adheres to thiol coatings, but also to connector housing materials PA and PBT, both of which are commonly used in the harsh automotive industry. The new encapsulant is flexible in the cured state and is capable of compensating for the differential thermal expansion of metal pins and plastic housings. It has excellent high temperature resistance up to +150 °C. In addition, the connectors remain strong after multiple thermal shock tests (temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +150 °C).