In today's life, electricity occupies every aspect of people's lives. If people live in a dark environment without electricity, I believe not many people can stand it. In addition to people's daily life, electricity is used in all industries and fields. Without electricity, the development of society will stagnate, so we can see the importance of electricity. Of course, wires and cables are closely related to electricity.

Special cables are a series of products with unique performance and special structure. Compared with ordinary wires and cables with a wide range, special cables have the characteristics of higher technical content, stricter use conditions, smaller batch and higher added value. Special cables often adopt new structures, new materials, new design and calculation methods and new production processes.

Special wires and cables are different from ordinary cables. Special cables are generally used in special occasions or under specific conditions of use, and have their own characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, termites and so on. High temperature wire cables are mainly used in energy development, steel, aerospace, oil exploitation and metal smelting. Low-noise cables are mainly used in medical, industrial, national and other fields that need small signal measurement, and can detect bass. In addition, there are functional wires and cables and new green cables.

The development direction of special cables is diversified. There is a great demand for light weight and high temperature resistant cables in the military industry. The demand for architecture is mainly double-layer flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant wires and cables and low-smoke, halogen-free and environmentally-friendly wires and cables, mainly to prevent fire and safety accidents.

At present, most of the wires and cables are crosslinked by radiation or silane with light weight, small volume and high temperature resistance. Among many types of special cables, several high-temperature cables have a high market demand and are widely used in various occasions of short-distance transmission of large current, which is in short supply.